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All In or Out
- There is only one way to beat the market



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- Outperform the Benchmark MSCI All Country World Index over 3yrs and 5yrs rolling time periods
- Higher omega ratio ( An Introduction to Omega)
- Low downside volatility, low correlation and a high % of positive months

Three return sources to outperform the MSCI All Country World Index

- ALL IN or ALL OUT signals

- Most important return driver

- ALL IN signal: 100% invested in equities

- Focus on markets with best risk/return potential

- ALL OUT signal: 100% invested in cash, bonds, gold, currencies, volatility and credit

- Focus on investments generating positive returns during times of market stress


The "all-In-or-Out" model portfolio demonstrates the concept's success. The "all-In-or-Out" portfolio is fully automated and invests according to two simple rules:
1. ALL IN signal100% ETF MSCI AC World index
2. ALL OUT signal50% iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF
30% iShares Swiss Domestic Government Bond 7-15
20% SPDR Gold ETF
all-In-or-Out model portfolio
Example report "Performance Review 2011"

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